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Aesir is an all-in-one, always upgraded context marketing platform designed to perfect interaction with your users and increase conversion of your leads.

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The Perfect User Journey - How Context Reinvents Inbound Marketing

How do you, as a marketer, appeal to a large and diverse crowd of people using one unified message?

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Be Bold, Join Aesir

Aesir Context Marketing is founded on a premise of collaboration. That we are stronger together than apart. This philosophy is core to all aspects of

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Natural Selection in the Digital Era: You Adapt Fast or You Die Fast

The most important task of your clients’ businesses right now is to embrace the digital transformation and adapt to the world of tomorrow or become ex

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Are You Wasting Money on Generating Meaningless Traffic? Do This Instead

Are you focusing on personalising your customer journeys in your e mail or SoMe campaigns? If so, you might be wasting money...

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