Features that gives you the power of marketing in context

Content Management

Manage content intelligently at scale and keep your brand identity and message consistent, allowing you to focus on creating compelling web experiences.

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Business Intelligence

Aesir tracks the engagement levels of your visitors, enabling you to use smart and reliable data to personalise user journeys through your website. 

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Aesir allows you to speak directly and personally to your visitors through every relevant channel in order to make your online identity valuable and enduring.

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Personalise your user experience 

Attract more visitors
Engage them with personalised content
And convert them!

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Simplify and enrich your value chains

Aesir Context Marketing is a powerful platform by itself, but even stronger when combined with Aesir Ecommerce and Aesir DAM & PIM.

Aesir Ecommerce

Create an agile web shop designed to meet the wants and needs of your customers, and increase profitability with improved retention rates.

Aesir DAM

Connect your digital assets with your users, and refine your content creation with an enhanced overview that appraises the value of each asset.

Aesir PIM

Work smart and efficiently by enriching your data workflow and automatically streamlining all product information across every channel.

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The Perfect User Journey - How Context Reinvents Inbound Marketing

How do you, as a marketer, appeal to a large and diverse crowd of people using one unified message?

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Be Bold, Join Aesir

Aesir Context Marketing is founded on a premise of collaboration. That we are stronger together than apart. This philosophy is core to all aspects of

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Natural Selection in the Digital Era: You Adapt Fast or You Die Fast

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Are You Wasting Money on Generating Meaningless Traffic? Do This Instead

Are you focusing on personalising your customer journeys in your e mail or SoMe campaigns? If so, you might be wasting money...

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