Aesir PIM

When we say that Aesir PIM is more than just PIM, we mean it.

More Than Just PIM

Aesir PIM is tailor-made for every clients’ needs with an extremely flexible structure that allows for complete customisation based on your wishes.

Not only can you use it to manage your product information in an intuitive and centralised fashion, but because the Aesir PIM is built around the Aesir Content Creation Kit, it carries with it all the same content distribution functionalities of the Aesir platform.

This will allow you to optimise every single piece of information that flows through your organisation - not just products, but any type of content you wish, including corporate information, internal materials, and assets connected with Aesir DAM.

Aesir PIM is also responsive, web-based tool that can be used through any channel, including tablets and smartphones.

With Aesir PIM, we are providing an extremely flexible PIM system that you can customise and rebuild at your leisure without the need for additional development hours, allowing you to adapt for changing trends.

We are always working on new functionalities and features to further build towards a connected and integrated value chain in order to make Aesir PIM the central part of your organisation.

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Aesir PIM allows for easy distribution of product information, but it is more than just that.

Resource optimisation

The Aesir PIM database allows you to update all your information - not just products - from one place, creating a smoother, more consistent structure for your organisation’s data structure.

Omnichannel delivery

Make sure all information is presented correctly through every relevant channel, be it on your web shop, your printed materials, your online product catalogues and sheets, etc.

Fully contextual

Aesir PIM has access to Aesir’s powerful context marketing engine, meaning it can be adjusted in real-time based on the behaviour of employees and any collected data.

Optimised workflows

Manage the way you collaborate with the other employees in your organisation, even across borders. Descriptions or translations can automatically be sent to approval before publishing.

Everything is integrated

If you utilise any external systems to manage your daily work processes, for example ERP, it can be easily integrated directly into Aesir PIM for a stronger value chain.

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