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September 5th, 2017 |
Anders Hansen

It is said that when the vikings first appeared at Lindisfarne Island in 793 AD, the monks at the monastery saw the fierce longboats arriving in the distance - and it was as if dragons were landing in the cover of night.

This tale marked the beginning of the viking age, a legacy that is still remembered to this day. Beneath the lawlessness of the vikings was a drive to fight - an adventurous spirit that drove them to make their mark on the world as they saw fit, to seek glory and fortune in lands entirely unknown to them

A bit of that spirit is still beating in the hearts of us northerners today. When we founded Aesir, it was also with the mindset that we wanted to take on the world, though with tools more modern than longboats, and with a much friendlier, more inclusive approach.

Aesir is built for you.

Aesir Context Marketing is founded on a premise of collaboration. That we are stronger together than apart. This philosophy is core to all aspects of Aesir and the way we do business. 

Through our many years of collective experience, time and time again we’ve encountered a common obstacle when working with many of our clients - an overreliance on multitudes of different tools and processes to manage their digital solutions and a lack of reliable data about their audiences. We found this stifling and ineffective, and we decided that if a better way did not exist, we would create it ourselves.

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What do you want?

A core ideal of Aesir is looking outward. What do people want? What do they need? What do they need that they don’t yet know about? You’ve heard this so many times: the market is rapidly changing, users expect more and more from companies, they expect to be catered to, personally.

So, ask yourself, what do you want?

That’s always the first question we ask, because that is what collaboration is all about. We aren’t looking to conquer the world by ourselves, we want YOU to be a part of it. As you grow, we grow - growing together.

"Initially, our partners have had great success deploying Aesir, great success because Aesir offers technology and usability beyond the present market. Focused on behaviour responsiveness, data-driven approaches and optimisation tools, Aesir offers an all-in-one tool to any company or organisation transforming their new digital future."

Ronni K. G. Christiansen
Founder, CEO

How do we accomplish this together?





When we figure out what you want, we build it together. Aesir is not only personalised in terms of functionality, but also in the way a solution is implemented. We discuss your needs, your current operating tools, your entire digital portfolio, and we figure out the best solution as a collaborative effort.

Just like any customer, one client’s needs can be vastly different from another client’s, which is why Aesir was built to take advantage of an Open Source codebase, allowing for a quick time-to-market and integration of systems and processes that may not be included in the base solution.

As an example, our client KOMPAN is a market leader in playground design and manufacturing with a presence in 21+ markets. Their web shops contain more than 1.000 products with 11.000 variants that all need to be disseminated across over a dozen languages and currencies. So, together we built custom PIM and DAM-systems to specifically accommodate KOMPAN’s unique situation.

And we did so at a significantly lower cost than comparable solutions because Aesir is connected across one platform rather than many disparate systems, apps, and installations that require separate licenses. KOMPAN is expected to reduce their number of third party components by about 60-70% over the next few years and processes by 70-80%.

“We have chosen [Aesir] as a complete provider of hosting, CMS, e-commerce and PIM due to their holistic, client-focused approach, as well as their understanding of our complex business and digital infrastructure.”

Thomas Esmann
Global Online Marketing Manager, KOMPAN.

Personalisation is a part of every aspect of Aesir, from the way you build your website, to the functionalities you utilise, and the way you utilise them, going from a personalised front and back end to personalised user experiences for visitors.




Aesir is continually being worked on, we are adding new features and integrations built in collaboration with specific clients that we are carrying forward for added value for all of our clients, both new and old. With an Aesir solution, you are Always Upgraded to the latest version at no additional charge to make sure you have access to the same base functions as everyone else.

You won’t have to buy an expensive solution that takes years to implement and will then be outdated by the time it’s finished. Again, it is part of the way we do business - our product will only become stronger by your continued dedication and satisfaction with Aesir, and our goal is to be mutually beneficial in the long term.

To break it down, what we can do for you is actually pretty simple. We can:


  • Provide you with a robust and business intelligence system that can change the entire way you do business through deep, actionable insights into user behaviour that are based on direct interactions with your website and the context of each visitor.

  • Give you the opportunity to rebuild your website at any time using Aesir’s modular content creation suite, allowing the creation of entirely new templates, content categories, as well as marketing tools such as A/B split testing and dynamic CTA modules. The entire makeup of your site can be changed at a moment’s notice if you discover that users are responding more favourably to one version of your landing page than the other.

  • User behaviour is converted into an engagement metric that can be used for direct sales purposes, nurturing any potential leads and automatically notifying sales staff when a user’s engagement level crosses a specific threshold. Aesir can then be fully integrated with your CRM-system for a solution that is just as powerful as any dedicated marketing automation platform available.

  • Aesir is also omnichannel compatible, hooking into any social media channel you want to use, in addition to mail campaign and mail flow management. Aesir has built-in workflows as well, allowing you to designate content tasks within the system and delegate them to the appropriate people with an integrated translation layer, making cross-posting across international sites a swift and easy process.


What else do you want? Tell us, that is why we are here.


We’ve talked a lot about what we can do for you, but actually you can do as much for us. We are constantly working towards bolstering our presence wherever we can. The vikings tried to conquer the world by themselves, but we have learned from their example that being isolationist does not pay off in the modern world.

We want to hear what you think, we want to meet with people who share the same ideals and show the same dedication to breaking down barriers as ourselves. Your opinions and your actions matter, that is how we help each other take the next step.

We want to share Aesir with you. We want to democratise it, build it together and grow together, fighting against the inexorable march of the future. Together, we will lead the revolution, united by the common goal of disrupting the status quo. We can deliver a flexible, custom-built solution with all the tools required to maximise your brand identity and evolve your business model, and we can do so at a lower cost than our competition.

And it is with you by our side. We are making big claims here, but we know we can back them up - and our clients are in agreement. They dared to take the leap, and now they feel the effect.

For the past 3 years, [Aesir] and Maersk training have completed more than 30 different sub projects together and we are fully satisfied with their high level of technical competence as well as their ability to turn our wishes into a working reality

Christian Solmunde Michelsen
Global Marketing Manager, Maersk Training



Leading the charge

If you are interested in building new partnerships, facing any marketing and sales challenges head first, and creatively solving problems in the now as well as in the future, we would love to hear from you. We are focused on creating revenue through flexible, data-driven, interconnected APIs, not just for our own benefit, but also for our clients and partners.

The ancient vikings believed their gods led them to new lands for glory in battle and unending riches. We hope you will join us on our voyage, so that we can show the world that digital freedom doesn’t have to cost millions and doesn’t have to take years to implement.


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