Join Us at Content Marketing World 2017

August 9th, 2017 |
Anders H. Hansen

Do you want to motivate visitor engagement?

We are confident we can help you with that if you come see us at our booth at Content Marketing World 2017. Aesir will be attending the conference in Ohio, Cleveland from September 5-8.

Experience true data-driven marketing

Context is our specialty, it is what drives our technology and is what we believe is the future of marketing. Our goals are far bigger than just increasing the amount of visitors to your site - we focus on providing meaningful experiences that bring you closer to your users, to build loyalty and boost your brand through data-driven marketing.

 How does Aesir do that?

Aesir solutions are based on facts about the way people interact with your website. We analyze what actually works and what could work even better going forward. We explore the context of your visitors, so that we know what they like about your content or your product and how they interact with it.

We also know exactly where visitors are in a buying process or how close they are to being converted - knowledge that is key to increasing revenue generated from digital channels.

This is how we nurture growth.

We provide you with personal and actionable insights that can transform the way you do business. We bridge the gap between sales and marketing and offer you the tools needed to unify your strategies into one unified value chain.

And we do so from one interface, where everything is integrated and always upgraded.

If you want to experience Aesir at Content Marketing World 2017, please contact Jim Vestergaard to set up a tour into the future of personalised user experiences.

We hope to see you there. You can find us at Booth #94 near the food and beverage area.



Come say hi! Three of our people will man the stand throughout the conference.



Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen


Jim Vestergaard

c3565d373f78e6c0e19a324ee5696239bbfa5af1     Line Pagh Nielsen
Marketing Manager


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